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Handling Conflict Situations

Sources of conflict range from a difference of opinion, difficult working conditions, or unrealistic work expectations through to discriminatory behaviour such as racism or sexism, poor communication, or non-compliance with organisational norms or values.

1. Recognise conflict - Remember it can be covert e.g. a perception that the supervisor's treatment of staff is discriminatory.

2. Monitor the climate - Monitoring the climate at work gives you an early warning system, making it far easier to deal with conflict swiftly and efficiently before it gets out of hand.

3. Research the situation - Empathise see the situation from other people's points of view.

4. Plan your approach - Try to adapt with the situation.

5. Handle the issue - Stay calm. Listen to the points of view of everyone involved. Avoid fight or flight.

6. Let everyone have a say.

7. Find the way forward.

8. Examine the options and decide what to do next.

9. Appraise don't dwell.