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BL4 Deliver a Business Gateway service to clients


This is about delivering a Business Gateway service to clients in a way that meets the requirements of the Business Link brand.  This involves operating in a way that meets accepted Business Link practice while delivering business information that is appropriate to each client.

What you need to show

You must make sure that your practice meets the following requirements.

a.    Provide clients with relevant and up to date information to introduce them to Business Link, partner and broker services.

b.    Communicate in ways that are appropriate to each client, will help them use the service, make best use of resources and meet accepted Business Link practice.

c.    Encourage clients to share their views and concerns freely with you and among their team and raise the matter sensitively if you detect a client is anxious about their business, allowing for the fact that their stated needs may not be their real needs.

d.    Identify when you can help clients to meet their own information needs by guiding them in the use of authoritative free and chargeable web-based services.

e.    Undertake research using different Business Gateway resources to identify information for clients.

f.     Present information to clients in ways that help them make business decisions and encourage them to ask for any additional help they need to interpret and use the information.

g.    Clearly explain and recommend suitable constructive alternatives to clients who are not eligible for the Business Link service.

h.    Manage client confidentiality in accordance with the requirements of the Business Link brand and your organisation.

What you need to know and understand

You need to know, understand and be able to apply each of the following.

Interpersonal and communication skills

1.    The principles of relationship development in the context of your own role and how good customer service can contribute to building long term relationships.

2.    The boundaries of the relationship between you and the client.

3.    The ways that different clients prefer to work and the extent to which you are able to meet these preferences.

4.    How to communicate with different clients at an appropriate level (eg start-ups, owner-managers, senior managers in large companies).

5.    How to recognise when a client needs more specialist personal support or business advice.


Business Link services

6.    How to negotiate parameters and timescales with clients, their advisers or their brokers.

7.    The limitations on client confidentiality, how to obtain client consent and the limitations of the service you can offer to those who do not consent.


Business support

8.    The type of business support that is available to clients in your area, including pre-start and start-up businesses, established businesses, those businesses that are seeking to grow the businesses with high-growth potential.

9.    The scope, benefits, limitations and costs of business support and the referral process to enable clients to access it.

10. The conditions for accepting clients onto different business support services.

11. The roles that other business support agencies (public and private sector) may play in helping the client to develop their business.


Business Information

12. The range of information resources suitable for accessing free and chargeable business information and how to use them.

13. Acceptable and understandable ways to present information to clients.

14. The principles of how information can be used to support the decision making process within various business functions.



15. The funding that is available to clients in your area.

16. The eligibility criteria of funding agencies or government.


Personal behaviours

You need to show the following behaviours.

17. Tailor your approach to align with the client’s goals and circumstances. IiP1.2

18. Respect the client’s need for information, commitment and confidentiality. IiP1.3

19. Gain respect by operating in a credible and professional manner. IiP2.1

20. Confident about your own knowledge and ability. IiP2.4

21. Delivers thoughts in straightforward terms, but maintains listener interest. IiP4.2