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BL5 Improve the Business Gateway service you provide


This is about improving the Business Gateway service you provide in a way that meets the requirements of the Business Link brand.  This involves improving the information that is available to clients by working with others.

What you need to show

You must make sure that your practice meets the following requirements.

a.    Identify cost effective opportunities to make new contacts that are likely to be relevant to you and your clients.

b.    Manage your personal and organisational business relationships ethically and professionally and behave in a way that builds confidence in the Business Link Brand

c.    Formally and informally share information about your own area of work with colleagues and contacts.

d.    Promote the use of any new information resource to internal and external customers.

e.    Identify any changes in the strategic priorities for Business Link and how they may affect the service you can give your customers.

What you need to know and understand

You need to know, understand and be able to apply each of the following.


Business Information

1.    How to establish and balance the need for and cost of creating new resources.

2.    How to use your organisation’s promotional activities to promote the new resource to internal and external users.


Business Link services

3.    The requirements of the Business Link Brand and any relevant contractual obligations associated with individual services.

4.    Your organisation’s pricing and invoicing procedures.


Business support

5.    How to keep up to date with new business support products and services under the Business Link brand and within the wider support network.

6.    The different types of business that operate, for example, sole traders, limited companies, Plcs, not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises, etc

7.    The main issues that affect small businesses and how outside factors are affecting them, including UK and European regulations, Government projects, economic trends, industrial trends and developments, geographical features and political and social issues.



8.    How building and using networks can add value to the service you provide to clients.

9.    How to evaluate and monitor information and support provided by contacts.

10. How to deal with any problems arising when the service provided by contacts does not meet the standards you and your organisation expect.

11. How to engage with and introduce new contacts into formal and informal networks.


Personal behaviours

You need to show the following behaviours.

12. Appreciate how an organisation operates in different client sectors. IiP 1.1

13. Gain respect by operating in a credible and professional manner. IiP2.1

14. Engenders co-operation by considering the perspective of others. IiP2.2

15. Seeks the right information to analyse a situation and draw sound conclusions. IiP3.2

Invites a two-way exchange of information and feedback with others. IiP6.3